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Not what I had in mind for my 1500th note! But none of the teas I’ve sampled lately seemed notable enough so I figured if it can’t be fabulous, I might as well embrace the terrible :)

Anyhow, this brew is rather biting. I had hoped there would be more honey than ginger, but I found it so harsh that my mug went down the drain. It already had honey so no amount of sugar could help! and diluting it with twice the amount of neede water did zilch.
Normally I don’t mind a bit of ginger… but it requires moderation! too much makes it taste like a chemical burn down my throat. Not fun.
Perhaps I can use the other packets my friend gave me in cooking. Honey ginger chicken? That might work…


Congrats on 1500! Wow!

Christina / BooksandTea

I am curious to see how your cooking idea turns out.


@Morgana thanks! It’s been six years, so about time haha

@Christina I’ll post about it when I try! I’m quite curious myself now


I will never be able to do that many notes. WOW!


@mrpopar I thought the same, you would be surprised at how easy it is haha. But I know a few others who have 10000+ reviews. Something to aspire for :)

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