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So I found this teabag that somebody sent me in a swap, I have no clue from when or where honestly(if one of you on Steepster sent it, Thank You!)
I had no clue what the label said but i was able to find it online and get a description
Apparently it is market towards kids which is cool to me cuz kids deserve tasty teas too,
It say tea on immunity with strawberry, not so sure about that honestly because it does NOT taste like strawberry to me BUT it does taste like something that kids love to eat so maybe this one is popular with little Czech Boys and girls. It taste like Crayons, no joke.
I remember eating Crayola crayons as a child, we all prolly do, that waxy weird taste and smell even is undeniably delicious to children.
I never thought I would have a tea that tasted like Crayon but now I have tried it all.
I hate to admit that its not really half bad tho I wouldn’t recommend it to an adult unless of course you still eat crayons then you may want to wash them down with this one lol. Funny I realized that it was a childs tea and I tasted it anyways and it took me back to my own childhood.
To me the taste wasn’t good or bad but kids would prolly enjoy it so that counts for something :)


I swear I recently drank a tea that smelled like crayons, but now I can’t remember what it was…Maybe I will suggest it as a flavor…

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If you like pu-erh, stay very far away from this tea.

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