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I got this packet a while back in December of last year visiting the Philippines. One of many pleasure besides white sand beaches, turquoise blue water, bustling cities and wonderful people of many cultures is the food! The mangoes, coconuts, pinapples, and mangosteens are just exquisite and abundant! I can’t just eat one fruit, with 20 dollars you can buy a bags full of fruits and have some to even take back!(too bad for customs..)This tea is a testimony of their best products of fruits called Guayabano, a green fruit bearing resemblance to a young pine cone with sweet fleshy white insides. It does not acutally have pieces of guyabano bits but leaves , stems, and bark, the actual tea looks like tiny strips of light brown woody fibers and dark brown bits. It all smelled wood of course but a faint smell lemons and flowers. The tea had a light amber color and it tasted a light floral flavor of chamomile that tastes very clean but woody without any starchiness. Unlike any other teas, it was not as astringent or even tannic on the first steep and the last , though it does not impart any more flavors upon the third steep only a slight starchiness. Its a great herbal drink and certainly a first try for guayabano tea! I can just feel the energy and my ills going away about now…
Boiling 8 min or more

This is also called Custard Apple and Guanabana in Puerto Rico. The seedsare poisenous but the flesh is creamy pear banana apple. SO GOOD

Anthony Bazic

Most definitely a delicious! But, “custard apple” is actually called cainito or star apple. It really like a spherical fruit, dark violet with some green or brown tinge skin. The skin of the fruit is smooth and waxy, which is not edible when opening up the fruit, but the flesh is very much creamy and heavenly. A cross between a pear and lychees, its really quite fruit and too bad I can’t take some fresh fruits back:( I can only get some that are frozen in a Latino or Asian supermarket that cost 7 dollars for 4 apples.


Annona muricata; prickly custard apple; soursop; soursop tree (small tropical American tree bearing large succulent slightly acid fruit) I lived in Puerto Rico for a bit and the Guanabana fruit grew out back big green and spiney. White flesh with big black seeds. Google it and you will also see defined as custard apple family.

Anthony Bazic

It certainly is! Though star apples are also a bit interchangeable with the term custard apples, I think both of us kinda confused the two with different fruits. I don’t questions its far different at all, but I’m not surprised that its called a “custard apple” as its flesh is quite creamy and semi solid like custard. All are good eats anyway!


Did we just have a food fight?! Ha! So funny!

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