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reviewed AFR-120B Hot X-Press Milk Frother by Aroma
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I often enjoy my dessert teas as lattes. This frother does a decent job frothing and heating the milk as long as it’s working, which isn’t very long. I got one for Christmas this year and it stopped working in February. The company was very decent about sending me a replacement for free, but the replacement stopped working this morning (5/19). Basically it’s a cheap piece of crap that’s only good for 2-3 months. For $39.99, it should last much longer than that!


What a headache!


It’s totally been a headache! I don’t want them to replace it this time. I’ll have to see if they can give my mom a refund. I was so grumpy this morning because it was Monday and I was brewing some H&S SoHo, which is heavenly as a latte, and then this piece of crap wouldn’t turn on at all.


Ouch! That’s terrible. I mean, very nice they sent a replacement, but to have that one stop working as well. Ugh. I have a SlickFroth 2.0 Milk Frother from Cuissential/Kuissential. I really like it. One of the reasons I ordered it was that someone had said on another product review that they really liked it but it had failed them after about six months so they tried this other brand and that hadn’t lasted more than a couple of weeks. A Kuissential saw that other product review and replied that they were sending out another one to the person right away and that they were terribly sorry for the issues. I mean, talk about customer service, right?

Yeah, there are a few reviews about it dying, but a lot more about how great it is. And mine is still running great.


Thanks Cheri! I was trying to decide between two frothers, so ordered one that was Kuissential brand because of your recommendation :-)


I hope you like it. I like mine quite a bit.

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