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drank Hop by ART Kombucha
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This is the last of the three Hard Kombucha/Kombucha Beer flavours that I picked up. It’s my favourite, but that’s not saying much since none of these are really something I would want to buy again. It’s got a gnarly acidity/sourness to it – different from the vinegar kind of taste kombucha has, and more just like a hearty punch of malic acid. It’s not as bad at the Hibiscus flavour, though. It also tastes the most like beer of any of the three I’ve tried, which does track given that it’s called “Hop”. I’m gonna finish it, but I’m not loving it…

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drank Hibiscus by ART Kombucha
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Another “Hard Kombucha”/Kombucha Beer type of thing…

I know I was worried w/ the Ginger flavoured one (since it didn’t taste like Ginger) that these flavours would be challenging to differentiate from one another. That, however, was NOT the case. This is very different from the last one I tried but sadly not in a good way. It was so insanely tart and sour; and a very shrill and “high” tartness that didn’t have the deepness/thickness that sour/tart hibiscus still has. It was really unpleasant, and I actually couldn’t finish the can…

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drank Ginger by ART Kombucha
15816 tasting notes

I picked up a bunch of new matcha RTDs on Friday while grocery shopping as well as three of these “kombucha beers” from ART Kombucha. As y’all know, I rarely drink anymore but I do make an exception for tea infused drinks – so these hard kombucha/kombucha infused beer beverages caught my attention quite quickly!

I was surprised how much this tasted like kombucha and how little it tasted like beer. That was the ideal situation for me, but with most tea infused alcoholic drinks the “tea” is mostly there for marketing and rarely translates clearly into the flavour. This was light and refreshing but also tangy and vinegar-y/citrusy with just the right amount of kick for me. I did have to double check that I was drinking the ginger flavour and not one of the others that I had picked out, because there’s very little ginger in the brew. Like, it’s really subtle – and while I personally don’t mind because I’m just delighted to have a beer that actually tastes like kombucha I imagine if you were buying this for the ginger you would likely be disappointed.

It also makes me curious to see how distinct each of these flavours are going to be from one another…

Also – is anyone else having issues adding photos to new tea entries, or just me!? I went to add a photo for this tea, and the usual drag and drop box or place to type the photo link just would not load for me…

Mastress Alita

I had that issue yesterday, Roswell, when I was using my normal browser, which is Firefox. Out of curiosity, I cancelled out of creating the entry and logged in on Chrome, and got the image-adder on it… I don’t know if I just “got lucky” or of it is a browser issue, though.

Roswell Strange

Hmmm, weird – I’m using Chrome. Next time I add a tea I’ll try experimenting with the browser though!

Mastress Alita

If you are getting it on Chrome, then I’m guessing I just “got lucky” that one time and me changing browsers was simply a coincidence…


Using chrome and had the same issue. Also had a bunch of my previously replaced images (from the cleanup thread) break AGAIN. Did wait a while and the upload browser thing returned after a bit.

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