Arthur's Nosh Bar

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Recent Tasting Notes

Recently ordered again from here (mostly because I was really craving their perogies) and I was in one of those situations where it was cheaper to add another $4.00 item to my order than to pay shipping, so I tossed in an iced tea. I wasn’t very impressed with their Peach Iced Tea so I didn’t want to do that one – this was the other option from their house brewed assortment. Sadly, it’s also very weak/watery and disappointing tasting. Really not much different tasting at all from the peach, aside from a slight hint of lemon.

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P is for… Peach Iced Tea!

Last weekend I decided to treat myself to some brunch delivery, and I ended up ordering an iced tea with my food because I saw that they had a house made peach iced tea, and that was the letter I was doing… just seemed like good timing.

The food that I ordered, Challah French Toast and Cheddar and Chive perogies with date chutney and sour cream, was delicious but the iced tea was a bit underwhelming. It didn’t taste bad, and I got hints of peach – but overall it was VERY weak tasting. However, I could tell that it truly was made from scratch and not from concentrate or anything like that. So even though I didn’t love the flavour, there’s definitely an appreciation there for any restaurant that’s gonna house brew their iced tea.

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