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I have no idea how this tea is so good. It’s a bagged tea that I picked up beside the register at the wonderful little sushi restaurant I frequent at college. I’d never had houjicha and I figured I’d give it a try, having absolutely no idea how long to steep it or what temperature of water to use. I ended up just leaving it in for about 5 minutes (which i guess is the Standard Time You Leave Tea In When You Don’t Know How Long To Steep It) in water from the hot side of the cooler. I pretty much expected it to be disgusting.

This might actually be my favorite tea. Hands down, I shit you not. It’s so delicious. It has the same clean, woodsy taste that an oolong has, but not so overpowering, and balanced really really nicely with this comfortable, cozy sweetness that almost reminds me of vanilla.

If Houjicha is this good out of a bag for five minutes in a styrofoam cup of hot-side cooler water, I cannot WAIT to try making it properly.

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