Bao Bao Dimsum

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Catching up now on various bubble teas from the last week…

This was from a place in China Town called “Bao Bao Dimsum” that does bubble tea, smoothies, and these amazing stuffed sweet buns – I went once over the summer as part of my MTL Bubble Tea Crawl, and I liked the place a lot even though the bubble tea is pretty simple. They’ve got a couple more unconventional flavours, though.

This time I got a papaya bubble tea with pearls and a green tea paste filled sweet bun; I scarfed the bun down in the shop but I sipped on the bubble tea a bit more slowly while doing some shopping in the area – for teacups, ironically. It was really nice; this is the first time I’ve had a papaya flavoured bubble tea but I liked that it was both fruity and sweet but also quite creamy and mellow; quite an excellent balance and it’s a flavour I could see working for a lot of different moods and flavour cravings.

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