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Admittedly, it was the name of this tea that initially caught my eye but when I saw the ingredients I found myself as equally intrigued by them as I was the name.

The idea of lemon and mint isn’t really unique, but I don’t know that I’ve tried them yet on a black base without other ingredients thrown into the mix that were more dominant flavours than the two. Plus, the fact it’s spearmint is also just a hair more unique. Now, the tea was intended to be drank as a cold brew or iced tea, but I’ve had an irritated throat/bit of a cold the last week so I opted to first try this as a hot tea since both lemon and mint are things that can be relaxing/soothing when you’re ill.

Flavour wise, this was really solid. I firmly believe that it reads as so well executed and balance because of the simplicity of the ingredients, though. You don’t need an ingredients list a paragraph long to put together good flavour. Now, I’m not saying it’s not possible to have a tea with that much going into to that teas good; but sometimes things just get muddled. This is smooth, rich and full bodied with equal parts sweet spearmint, bright lemon, and complex black tea. The lemon is tiniest bit pithy, in a pleasant way, and the black tea is a mix of malt, cocoa, and cinnamon notes.

With a hint of honey this could make a REALLY killer sick tea, but I’m also looking forward to trying it iced – I imagine it’ll be smooth and refreshing!

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A typical red rooibos. The Rooibos overpowers everything else. Peppermint? Where? I can clearly see the rose petals but the rose flavor is so slight compared with the quantity seen in my metal steeper. It does have a nice smell though.

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