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Eggnog Latte Sipdown (289)

This may not go well since I started by pouring a tiny bit of water into the steeper only to realize I didn’t turn the kettle on. So I strained it out and turned the kettle on. I then went about making my latte and just as I finished topping the strained tea with the milk/eggnog mixture, the timer for the tea went off. Which means I strained it before I should of. Just one of those days I guess.

I also made this just as our pizza arrived and I feel like this doesn’t go well with a Greek bruschetta pizza.

Thankfully after my first few sips, it’s good. Like last time, I still agree it’s more chai than butterbeer but this time around I’m getting butterscotch chai. Butterscotch and cardamom: it’s good but not worth the price I paid and definitely not butterbeer.

Cameron B.

Yum bruschetta pizza! I had the most amazing bruschetta a couple of weeks ago…


I love bruschetta. We make bruschetta chicken and its one of the best new recipes we found.

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I don’t know how I stumbled upon a random Canadian Etsy tea shop but I did and I was able to get free delivery just by ordering one tea. The tea was on the expensive side, especially when I realized how small the package was but it was cute and I was intrigued. So this is one of the newest teas to arrive in my house.

I made this tea as a latte and drizzled some caramel syrup on top. It’s good but it’s also more a chai than it is butter beer. I say this because I had butter beer at the wizarding world of Harry Potter and this is a lot more spiced and a lot less buttery/sweet. I mean, there is caramel but that’s likely more from the syrup than the tea. What do I get from the tea? Spice. A lot of cardamom. It’s actually nice because the spices don’t have that muddiness to it that some chais get. However, it’s not worth what I paid and it doesn’t live up to its namesake so this won’t be a repurchase. It won’t be bad finishing it off though. Check out my pic of the latte here:

Speaking of new…my sister and brother-in-law brought home their newborn today! He was born on Wednesday. He’s so tiny at just 6 lbs, 2 oz (he lost an oz since birth which is normal). His name is Grayson Benjamin and he is wonderful! I might be biased though since he is my nephew after all. Check him out here:


Congrats to your sister (and you!)

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