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I bought this from the website where I buy a ridiculous amount of [super awesome] lunch-ware ( They sell a lot of neat Japanese things, kitchen ware and occasionally food and treats. The Japanese Kit Kats are amazing. So amazing I refuse to share.

I picked this up to try with one of my last orders. It is more of a cooking grade matcha but I used it for my daily cold matcha. It came is the most ridiculously awesome container. The container does not contain any English labelling so I am not sure what company actually produces this matcha. It has a tin, peel off lid, like the kind you get on some brands of tuna. And to top it off there is a sticker on top which gives pictoral instructions on how to open it. Once you peel off the lid, there is a mesh screen which you can sift the matcha through. You can remove this screen if you want to scoop out the matcha. (For those of you who follow me, you know I am the hugest sucker for ridiculous marketing techniques and fun tea presentation).

The colour was a nice green, it wasn’t too bright but it wasn’t dull either. It was definitely green and not brown.

I did my usual heaping 1 tsp in 8 oz water with a dash of white sugar. I did sift it through my usual matcha sifter. I always prepare it the night before cuz who has time to get stuff ready in the morning before work. By the morning, when I added the water and shook it up, it was pretty lumpy. It took some actual physical activity to get it shaken up enough to be dissolved.

Taste wise it was pretty good. A smooth taste, but a bit gritty in the sensation. Slightly sweet, no bitterness. There was quite a bit of sediment in the bottom of the glass by the time I was finished.

I will probably return to my other higher grade matcha once this is done but I am glad I tried it.

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