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drank Strawberry Lime by Booch
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I have been going back and forth between my place in London and my sister’s place in Waterdown. I am at her place more than I am here and since reading week is next week, when I head back to her place on Thursday, I will be there for 10 days. Consequently, I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to order groceries to my apartment for the next few days when they will just be sitting for almost two weeks. With that said, I also tossed all my eggs and milk and everything else essential last week and since I thought I may want a latte, I decided to just go grab some milk from the food servery in the law building. I don’t ever buy anything there so when I noticed a few interesting sounding kombucha flavors above the milk, I decided to just go for it and pick one out: this one. I was inspired by Roswell Strange who is making her own kombucha to revisit it.

I haven’t loved kombucha every time I tried it and this is no exception. It has the vinegary smell that all kombuchas do which is why the fact that this is very sweet took me by surprise. It’s just heavy sweetness that is sort of strawberry with a touch of lime. Yet the lime is still sweet. I just really need something to counterbalance the sweet that I am not getting here. It’s nice enough but definitely not for me. Nice to revisit it though, plus it is a local company using local ingredients which is always great.


You should come visiiiittt!!!

Roswell Strange

I haven’t started my brew yet – waiting until settled into the new apartment first. I’m excited to give it a go, though!

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