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reviewed Styline Kettle by bosch
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This was the only kettle in my local shop when I moved flat, my older two-setting cuisinart went to my studio.

4 temp settings (no increments) & a keep warm function (of which I never use) & 1.5L capacity for £40. Not too bad I guess.

Only thing, i get it home, turn it on, nice quick boil…

BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!! BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!! (cue car alarms going off outside)

Loudest goddamn beep ever in the world. My flatmate can hear from my bedroom, in his bedroom at the end of the hall (1500 sqft flat with georgian walls & doors closed).. So I google it, and theres another customer who agrees so much he made a youtube video of how to fix it.

So after I buy the tool needed (its a anti-tamper set) I set about ripping out the beeper. Its an easy job & now the kettle is much better.

I like it but increments would have given it a better rating.

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