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Thank you hannaspring for this Sample Tea!

I’ve been busy dusting and cleaning, moving my printer into a different area of the condo and rearranging tea things. Not stopping at that, I went to Sprouts Natural Foods and picked up a basil plant, feta and mozzerella then spring water for tea. Oh, and a salted dark chocolate bar (a necessity).
When I arrived home and put my things away, (my house was clean and chores done), I lit a fragrant candle and picked this bagged tea to relax with.
Bagged tea’s have advantages. One being, that if you’re zonked, there’s no measuring or work whatsoever other than boiling the water, placing a teabag in the cup, taking the teabag out of the cup and drinking the tea.
Because my candle was fragrant, green tea was my choice because it wouldn’t compete with the candle. There would be a mellow soft flavor which is what’s expected.
I was careful not to use boiling water for brewing. Steeped at 170F and 2.5 minutes. The liquor was medium gold and slightly astringent with a very subtle grassy scent and flavor.
The astringency increased as the tea cooled so I added sweetening to improve the cup.
(Brad’s is a company that provides various Organic products and several Organic Tea’s).

Thank’s for the Tea hannaspring!


When I’ve become too snobby about bagged tea, I need to listen to Podcast #2 on the Verdant Website about Humility and Tea. I have a lot to learn!

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