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Wouldn’t you know it — I actually discover an unflavored green tea I really like and it falls off the Brandywine Roasters Coffee menu. My second experience with this was equally as pleasant as the first. I can neglect it and don’t have to pamper it with lukewarm water, and even with that kind of abuse, it’s sweet, satiny, and buttery (that’s one adjective I didn’t use last time but it fits) cup. Glad I have a little left.

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Prowling through the Everlasting Gobstopper of Tea Treat Boxes (don’t you love tea friends?), a packet of Jade Needle caught my eye, partially because of the eye-catching package—funky art, a sleeping cat sketch, and a wax seal; but mostly because of the steeping parameters. Green tea that invites abuse at 203 degrees and 4-6 minutes!

So I abused it at a good round 5 minutes and the results were pretty spectacular, considering green teas are generally on my B+ list. I can’t quite place the scent of the steeped leaves—simultaneously sharp and sweet. But the flavor is gentle and nutty—-pistachios dusted with a little brown sugar. Absolutely delicious, even the dregs I let get cold.

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I adore this tea oh so much! I’ve had it several times now and have re-ordered several times. This is one of those teas that never lets you down and lasts for several infusions. Slightly crisp and sweet. Very honey like with a note of malt towards the end. Wish I could describe more but I have the never ending sinus infection and those are the only notes I’m grabbing right now. I know in the past I’ve picked up more.

Another lovely comforting tea.

Flavors: Honey, Malt


Oh, my goodness, that sounds exquisite!


gmathis- if you would like some, I’d be happy to share.


Nichole/Cuppageek – try the lymphatic drainage massage by Heather on youtube! It has helped me avoid a few ear infections and relieved congestion.

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