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Sipdown (806)!

I think this beer has been in my fridge for months now, and I just finally decided that today felt like the right time to drink it. It’s been a while because this is a yerba mate and chamomile infused beer and, just… who decided that those two things go together!? I wasn’t sure if this would feel energizing or calming or neither so I never knew when was the appropriate time to crack it open.

It’s actually not too bad – I spent most of the day today in bed with a headache just listening to very mellow music and drinking herbal teas, but I found this quite refreshing. It’s a light beer, with more of a mellow but crisp citrusy note to it. I actually taste some of the chamomile, and that’s normally a flavour I don’t love but the sweet floral hay-ish and appley notes actually work very nicely in combination with beer. No yerba mate, though.

Couldn’t drink this often – I tend to reach for dark beers/stouts and this is decidedly not that. However, cut it with a little grapefruit or orange juice? Yeah, that’d be nice and refreshing on a hot summer day!

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Sipdown (797)!

I’m back home in Montreal now; I had a pretty mellow afternoon that basically just consisted of unpacking, laundry and grocery shopping but now I’m closing out the night with a nice tea infused beer!

I wasn’t sure I’d like a chai beer; I hardly like those two things separately let alone combined into one drink. However, I think this is an example of when two mediocre things (just in my personal taste preferences; not bashing Chai or beer on the whole) come together into something quite splendid! This is super, super smooth and weirdly it’s also very creamy!? Jelly Belly does a beer flavoured jelly bean that I quite like because it’s boozy but also almost fruity and sweet and frankly I think this beer kind of taste like that beer flavoured jelly bean!? Is that a weird comment to make!?

As for the “chai” – it does taste a little bit spiced? But not overly – more like the sweetness of something like fennel or star anise, but not actually anything spicy. I probably would never know it was a chai beer if I hadn’t read the can – but setting that aside I just think it’s a really nice, bordering on chuggable, beer.

I would totally buy this again!

Martin Bednář

Send some to me! I would love to try to be honest :)

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Tea infused beer!

I’ve previously had a different tea infused beer from this company – a blueberry flavoured one, and I think I liked it a fair bit. Well, it looks like the tea infused beers are actually a series done by this brewery so I picked up a couple other flavours to give a whirl. I’ll be honest, I’m not really a beer person aside from my old faithful dark beers/stouts but I’m always willing to try something new!

This is not a dark beer/stout – and to be honest I did not like it, but I really think that comes down to personal preference and not a reflection on the beer itself. It was a little tannic, and I definitely got the orange notes from this – but it was a bit more of a bitter orange like orange peel/zest. I don’t feel like I really got “tea” from this aside from the tannic notes?

It was kinda meh overall for me.


Is this the company that makes the pumpkin beer sold in all the deps this time of year?

Roswell Strange

You’re definitely asking the wrong person XD I’ve never seen this company before outside of QC and in SK you cannot pick up alcohol from a Dep/Convenience store (and I wasn’t in QC last fall).


Lol very true. I just know there is a QC brewery that makes it and my friend going nuts for it. Would be interesting to know if its the same company. I can google it lol or ask him

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I don’t drink that often anymore; in fact this was the first full drink (and not just sips of beer from tastings at work) that I’ve had in about four months. I saw it at the grocery store last week though, and got kind of excited about a tea infused beer so I picked it up on a whim. I’m not actually a huge beer person at all; I usually stick with fruit infused beers or very, very dark stouts/guinness. That’s about it.

I suppose this is sort of like a fruit infused beer; it’s blueberry, anyway. I actually liked it a lot; had some of the tannin that I’d associate with tea so I did get the connection even if it didn’t taste especially tea-like, and the blueberry note was very nice!

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