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This is Chinese (?) Sencha with orange peel, natural flavorings and a specific broccoli seed extract. I enjoy pungent broccoli sprouts, and green tea, and oranges. Why not give this a try?

Color: more orange than a tan or light brown liquor from some green teas.

Aroma: two components. The stronger note is essence of orange; a fainter note is the smell from when greens are off after sitting in the fridge too long. The second note is faint enough to not put me off.

Taste: the sip starts with a soft orange essence flavor, but this doesn’t last long. It gives way to some vegetal flavors and something else I haven’t tasted before. It’s almost like the spoiled greens smell, but not quite. Then the orange comes back with a very short flash of orange creamsicle flavor. Interesting. There are bitter flavors in there, too, but covered up by everything else.

The sip ends with a decent dryness in the back of the palate. A faint bitter and faintly sweet aftertaste remains, as expected for green tea. After a few sips, it is starting to dry my whole mouth.

Kudos to whoever blended this. I like the idea, after reading about broccoli sprout tea being used in some studies on broccoli and health benefits. If I’m tasting the broccoli extract, I think I’m only barely tasting it. However, this is not quite tasty enough as an orange flavored green tea for me to buy again. I think I’ll drink other green teas and get my broccoli compounds from sprouts.

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Plain green is a bit too “vegetal,” but the addition of lemon or orange makes it light and tasty, nice after supper, and okay for breakfast if you don’t need a serious caffeine hit.

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