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Another thing that has always taunted me at Whole Foods are these glasses of tea. Considering you keep the glass after you drink the tea, $3 is basically a bargain, I’d say. I’m also surprised to find this company is also in Georgia (but near Savannah so I’m not sure if that still counts as local. Kroger thinks Dixie Crystals sugar is local because they have a main office over there) and they make all sorts of things you expect to come in jars.

When I’m done feeling like death, if that happens today, I bought yogurt that is from south Georgia, and it the best yogurt I ever had…IT WAS A DOLLAR. I am loading up.

So this tea. I really wasn’t going to expect much except a pretty glass out of it, but it’s actually not bad. It says “lightly sweetened” which I didn’t know was possible in the south. You could easily get to jello tasting territory with sweetening this one. The watermelon is flavoring but the raspberry is both flavor and concentrate.

It does still taste a bit like jello, but I’m surprised how strong the watermelon flavor is. Given how red it is from raspberry juice, I thought it would be mostly raspberry. But the raspberry sort of plays second fiddle to the watermelon.

I could do without the sugar, but hey, I got a neat little 11 oz glass with a top and it’ll be perfect for cold steeps! Maybe I’ll try another when I go back, they have 8 kinds on their website but I don’t think Whole Foods carried all of them.

Not bad, probably wouldn’t spring for it again, but it’s just too sweet and so it doesn’t even matter that it’s made with white tea. Can’t taste it over fruit.

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