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You’ve eaten a ton of pizza and now you’re dragging. Grab some peppermint tea to put some pep back into your step. Granted this varies depending on the pizza you consume. While I generally do not pick a peppermint tea I thought tonight was a good night to give it a go. This is a lovely one as far as peppermint goes. Though I still find the spearmint to be just a bit too much. I love mint but I prefer regular mint to spearmint.

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Summer is a busy but beautiful time for those of us who garden. After learning all I have about tea harvesting and processing it has made this year’s work that much more meaningful. It also gives an interesting perspective to each cup I drink. I need to say thank you firstly though for the samples you sent me along with what I ordered. It was so kind. This calming, up uplifting blend, is great for morning and afternoon. The amazing aroma of the freshly harvested lavender unifies nicely with the earthiness of the black tea. The flavor is the perfect mix of briskness with the calming lavender in the after-taste.

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