Buddha Tea Shop, Kathmandu Nepal

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A very interesting, nice, unique white tea, somewhat similar to Darjeeling white teas but with a different character. There is essentially no astringency as different versions of teas from Darjeeling can have. There are a lot of fruit flavors, so many different people would likely describe the tea differently, with citrus, towards a bergamot tone but not exactly that, more a citrus zest effect, with a fresh grape element, and beyond that towards berries. The feel and effect of the tea are nice, light and bright and clean, with a sweetness, fruit range, and light dryness that reminds me of Oriental Beauty teas. It’s the kind of tea that isn’t hard to brew but can change character based on brewing parameters so for many optimizing it would make sense, or for others changing around brewing to experience different aspects from the tea. The only down-side would be if someone doesn’t like that particular style of tea. I’ve included contact information in a related blog post about the tea, but it’s only sold from Nepal as far as I know, and that vendor isn’t really set up for limited volume retail sales: http://teaintheancientworld.blogspot.com/2015/11/shangrila-estate-white-tea-from-nepal.html

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