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drank Chailand Curry by Bumble Tea
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Here’s Hoping Traveling Teabox – Round #5 – Tea #23
This one is from another Etsy shop and the ingredients list is intriguing: Flaked coconut, curry leaf, galangal and kaffir lime. I GUESS there is black tea here, but I can’t tell by the description or that most of the listed ingredients compose most of this sample anyway. If there is black tea here, the resulting brew is very very light. It isn’t too spicy from the curry leaf. And the coconut really smooths it out while also not tasting much like coconut. It’s more of a texture than a taste. I had to look up ‘galangal’ and it’s ginger. I’m not a fan of ginger but the flavor didn’t seem too gingery. Something leaves the brew with more of a vegetal flavor than anything. This one is okay, but there isn’t enough to make it special. A tea with the awesome name “Chailand Curry” should really be as awesome!

Evol Ving Ness

Too bad. It sounds like it should be a fine tea.

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drank PBJ 24/7 by Bumble Tea
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This tea sounded amazing on etsy and smelled pretty darn delicious when it eventually arrived. I get a good hit of the peanut, ginger and oat ingredients straight out of the tin and there are also some large looking dried strawberry pieces and peanut hunks in the dry leaf which gave me super high hopes of a brewed cuppa that would taste like PB&J…. unfortunately as delicious as the tea smells I don’t get a single hint of peanut butter or strawberry jelly in the brewed liquid which just makes me sad… such high hopes… yet this tea really doesnt taste like anything at all… boo :(


Dang. That one was on my list to pick up.


Aww, I dream of a PB&J tea. Packed with that great flavour.


Me too!!!


Nichole – Happy to send you some to try if you’d like?

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I have never had a tea with hops in it before. This was a unique experience. Reminded me of the first time I had a beer. You didn’t like it and first but the more you drink it the more you liked it. I thought this one was better cold. Reminded me of a cold beer with a vanilla finish.


Flavors: Hops, Vanilla

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