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My mom and I went to Value Village, which is basically a thrift store, tonight and I dropped off a resume and then we did a little bit of shopping. I ended up getting a couple pairs of earrings including these really cool ones that look like acorns, a pair of burgundy jeans, and this very pretty Adderly bone chine teacup and saucer that’s mostly purple with gold fleur de lis on it.

When we got home I carried up the herbal blending box from downstairs, displayed each ingredient in a row and let her pick whatever she wanted for a late night cup of herbal tea. Slowly I will win her over with all of the immersion to tea and tea related things!

Here’s what we included in the tisane:

- Raspberry Leaf
- Red Clover Leaf
- Orange Peel
- Cinnamon Chips
- Allspice

The tea brewed up this nice warm yellow colour. Mom made the unfortunate comparison to pee, but I guess that’s kind of the shade of yellow it was. The taste was really nice; very soothing herbaceous notes and a honey sweetness with a gentle orange zest taste and just this slight hint of warming cinnamon/allspice (we really didn’t use much of either). The strongest flavour was probably the Red Clover Leaf; that ‘cool crisp air before it rains’ flavour I described when I did my Red Clover cold brew was certainly present.

And actually, this tisane has me about ready to drop; it was so much better at making me feel drowsy than any single ingredient tisane (chamomile, linden flowers, lavender, etc.) I’ve ever tried. I should’ve had my mom pick out a name for this tea…

Christina / BooksandTea

I’m taking notes on this. I could really use a tea that just makes me drop.


I’m intrigued too. I don’t often find those ingredients at my health food store.

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Sort of sipdown…

I don’t really get to count it ‘cause I’m just finishing off one of the things in the box and not the box itself – chamomile, in this case though. There was really only like a cups worth of it in the box though, so it’s not an impressive feat or anything.

I made it hot with some honey as a sleep aid; I swear I’m not going to finish off everything in this box as single ingredients (I will blend stuff!) however I know I wouldn’t really want to add chamomile to anything in the first place – it’s not my favourite flavour by a long shot. And of course, as such, this didn’t taste all that awesome; but only ‘cause I don’t like chamomile much.

Definitely think I’m going to have to work at blending my own bed time blend though; maybe with the lavender and marshmallow leaf?

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Sipdown of sorts…

Because of my sore/infected cheek from whatever it was that cut it I ended up sipping down all of the loose cloves from the box today. I know, back from when the dental issues were at their very worst last year, that cloves are great for not only cleaning out the mouth but numbing sores as well so I definitely relied heavily on them today.

It sucks I don’t get the satisfaction of seeing my cupboard number go down though. In fact, it’s shot up because of the Dammann Freres teas that showed up today!

The pain I’m experiencing is definitely different than the pain of a toothache – but it’s just as intense in its own right. It hurts a lot to smile or even move my mouth to speak. This super strong, super intense clove tea helped though. I also learned that while I LOVE cloves in general I don’t like them super concentrated and on their own – this was surprisingly bitter!


is it like an abscess? those are the worse!!


Errr worst. Dang autocorrect

Roswell Strange

I’ve had abscessed teeth before (that’s what most of the dental pain from last year was) – this is just an infected cut. It’s almost fully healed today as well. Yay!


Nice! take it easy, that sounds so painful

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So I created an entry for Butiki’s herbal blending box.

Since I’m the last stop on its journey, I wanted to account for the significant amount of ingredients in the box in at least some small way in my cupboard, and I also wanted somewhere to log what I make in a consistent way that I can look up.

This is my first experiment with blending my own tea! I’m very excited about it!

Here’s what I mixed:

1 1/2 tsp of Cloves
1/2 tsp of cinnamon chips
1/2 tsp of dried carrot
1 anise star pod

I started with the clove because it’s something I really, really like and then I just sort of built around it and hoped for the best. The result was this kind of sort of chai like blend? It’s very sweet from the anise, with strong notes of clove (obviously) and just this very light presence of the cinnamon and carrot in the background. It kind of tastes like Spice Cake or Carrot Cake, actually! Very very good!

For my first herbal blend I definitely have to call this one a success!

Butiki Teas

Awesome! :)

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