by Tommy the Toad

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mmmmmmmmmmm, Perfect Very refreshing and cooling, tastes melonish, not too sweet and full of vitamins and nutrients. Made with fresh veggies and fruits(frozen fresh) and Matcha Green Tea.

Oh yeah, how its made, dont say eeewwww cuz it’s yummy :)
equal parts fresh frozen apple,spinach,peach and cucumber with however much matcha tea you like all blended with ice(maybe a little milk) and made into a delicious Smoothie!


that sounds absolutely HEAVENLY right now…… if only i had some matcha!

Invader Zim

That sounds really good actually!


I need one… right after I go to the grocery store. Bah.

Tommy Toadman

all of you should try one, like a florida orange it just makes ya feel sooo good! :)




hahaha! love the idea! I had a VERY inconclusive experience with matcha a few weeks ago (you can read my post if you want to know) and I am stucked with a large supply of Matcha. I think it will be of better use in your smoothie recipe:o). I’m a proud Vitamix owner, so your blend doesn’t eeeewwwww me at all!
BTW, love your bio," love knows no boundaries ", favorite quote…

Tommy Toadman

:) gonna try a new smoothie with matcha in the morning

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