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I’m having this for my mid-afternoon tea.

I just got home to the biggest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever gotten in my life! It was full of two dozen tulips and one red rose. It made me smile to no end.
Some days you get just what you need to make you smile and trudge on with the knowledge that things will get better in the end. (Sometimes it’s hard to see that when you spend weeks locked away studying..).

So here I am, sipping this tea that has a lovely creamy maple edge, supported by a nice strong black. I’m not sure what the blend is made of as it didn’t come with any information at the store, but it’s delicious. Not malty, but thick and supportive. Terrible description but I do my best.

Anyways, this is definitely a tea I really enjoy on the random occasion. I am slightly hoarding it away as it came from the interior of BC and I doubt I will be able to get any anytime soon if I run out (small scale business). For that reason – it’s a special occasion tea that I adore.

Happy tulip season everyone =)


2 dozen tulips! I am so jealous. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers.


Definitely my favourite flower. I love all flowers.. but tulips are just so varied in form and colors that they capture my adoration more than any flower. :)

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