Camillia Sinensis

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sample from omgsrsly

This one is a pretty mellow sort of smooth and easy puerh. I’ve been drinking this one most of the day off and on. it doesn’t have a lot going on, but sometimes you just want a tea that can sit and hang out with you and not require all your focus an attention. enjoyable. thanks omgsrsly.

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This one is already better. I think it’s because I had the bag open, so it could air out some.

Ugh. I need a better way to keep my samples then, so I can keep them upright with the zip tops open… I wonder if I have enough tins to do that.

This is super yummy. Spicy. Dried stone fruits.

Yum yum yum.

Also, I’m still using my $$$ yixing. I don’t know how it’s changing the tea, or if it is even changing the tea… but it’s cute and little and I should have fun playing with it more often.

Edit: Quite a few steeps in now, and I’m getting some camphor/very mild menthol. But of course this tea isn’t available any more. Of course.

6 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

YAY!!! You found one that works – and yes you should play with your little yixing more often. :))


The other pot was just $3 and does the same job without leaking! So it gets used more.


Is it really better to keep them open? I don’t know how to store mine.


I honestly have no idea, but I’ve read a lot about people airing their teas or putting them in crocks to breathe before drinking. Certainly doesn’t hurt in my climate.


I know, but someone told me not to open anything for a week after it gets in from China, and then I’m hearing of leaving bags open… I’m never sure what to do for whichever kind of puerh.


I’ve had this tea almost a year, and opened it when I sorted things after Christmas… so… IDK. :)

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Spent a pleasant evening with this tea last night. I didn’t keep track of number of steeps or changes between steeps, I just spent the evening drinking it. In fairness I should also mention that I was eating spicy food and chocolate cake. Sometimes you just want to have good food with good tea that you don’t have to fuss with. This was one of those evenings. The tea was what I was expecting. This is what shou should taste like, not offensive, lots of flavor. This was just a nice pu’erh to hang out with.
Thank you OMGsrsly for the sample.


awesome! sounds great!


Aw, sounds like a lovely night with some lovely tea.

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