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Orange, Ginger, and Peach! All 3 flavors blended in perfect harmony over top of the green tea. Nice! Just enough of each flavor for my liking and overall a nicely flavored green!

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I cannot believe that I am the first to review this tea on Steepster… it is SO good. Yummy, nummy good. Sweet and nutty, and apple-ish and cinnamon-y and roasty-toasty. So very yum.

Finishing up this cup, and then sending the rest of my sample to my SororiTea Sister! Full-length review to be published soon!

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This is delicious. The flavor is really intense. The green tea is a mild flavor, but has a pleasant buttery undertone and a fresh, light taste. The orange and peach flavors are the strongest, and they are the flavors that bring the intensity to this cup. The ginger offers a peppery background note that adds a nice accent to the fruit flavors.

A great tea to enjoy after a long and stressful day!

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I just received this tea today, and I couldn’t wait to try it! I love me some Earl Grey!

This is delightful… I mean, really REALLY good! I like it a lot. Certainly one of my favorite Earl Grey teas.

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