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Not-so-shocking statement of the day: I love green tea. I love all green tea (just please don’t overflavor it or ruin it with lots of lemon, ugh). This tea is a thing of beauty and I’ll pretty much drink any green tea you put in front of me. Here’s the kicker, though: I think I’ve found my favorite green tea bags yet: Carrington Tea’s Original Green Tea. I can’t describe how much I love this tea; I definitely just tore through a box in record time.

Seriously, it’s that good. The only complaint I really ever have about green tea is when it’s too strong or bitter (especially from places like Starbucks or Joe Muggs or wherever; it’s like sucking on actual leaf). This tea is strong but not at all bitter and has the most amazing taste. The company recommends brewing time at 3-5 minutes which was about right for me too. The only thing I’d change is the water temperature: they advise bringing water to a “rolling boil” and pouring over tea bags, but I could never bring myself to pour boiling water over green tea – it’s just not done in this apartment. They also suggest adding sugar or lime to taste if you’d like…but I forbid you from messing this tea up by adding ANYTHING else to it.

The box I bought came with 20 bags (and probably lasted me around 2 weeks) and was not at all expensive. I could go on and on about the natural goodness of the leaves or the abundance of antioxidants, but by now I’m pretty sure you get the point: Green tea. Is good. For you. Period.

3 min, 30 sec

I brew my green tea for no more than 3 minutes, somewhere between 160 to 180 degrees. :)

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