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So, after trying and not loving the Tangerine Kombucha from this company I did decide to go out and get one of their other flavors next time I was at the grocery store. Let me tell you, I wish I had started with this one, because it tasted great. Definitely more fizzy/fermented feeling, with a touch of a vinegar-y quality that played really nicely into the lemon notes present. Mostly, just a bunch of really well conveyed sweet cherry notes though. Notes that felt more like the sweet taste of really perfectly ripe cherries, and less so of artificial or candy cherry.

Very much liked this one – would definitely buy it again.

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A grocery store find that I really have no background on. It was fine flavour wise, though not overly fizzy. Maybe more of a tangerine juice sort of vibe over a tea/kombucha though? The grocery store I got this at had some of the company’s other flavours though, so I might continue to try the rest of the line up and see if there are any interesting offerings.

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