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drank Chocolatey Chai by Chai Me
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I just bought my second large bag of this chai. It’s amazingly rich and creamy, and is delicious brewed or cold steeped depending on the season. The only tricky thing about it is the preparation which involves loose boiling the leaves and then pouring them through a filter, but once you get the hang of it brewing doesn’t take any longer than a bagged tea.

Boiling 3 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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drank Chocolatey Chai by Chai Me
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I snagged this sample online from the seller for cheap. I followed the instructions, boiling it for 2 minutes, 1T sugar, adding milk, stirring and reheat, strain and serve. It didn’t work out well. I wish I could of just steeped this stuff normally as boiling tea on the stove for a busy person just goes badly. Of course, the tea boiled over that few moments I was gone grabbing my mug in the dining room. I used a small sauce pan used for making sauces – even has little pouring nooks. Of course, the tea poured mostly on the counter, and missed the strainer in my mug so I got chunks. User failure for sure in preparation.

The result? Bitter, burnt tasting chai. The spice level is nice, sort of dark chocolately, but bitter oversteeped CTC black and where ever the burnt taste came from, bleh!


Oh, I adore those sauce pans with pouring nooks! It sounds like they’re more for aesthetics than for function, though. bummer.
I am a constant ‘boil over’ type person (I get so easily distracted…).

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drank Chocolatey Chai by Chai Me
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This is excellent cold brewed in milk. It’s very well balanced with no overpowering spices and a rich black tea.

1T Chai, 1T sugar. 1C milk (I use soy). Mix in a container and leave in the fridge for 8 hours and you’ll have a wonderful drink. You can even get a second steep by adding more milk to the strained chai.

Flavors: Chocolate, Clove

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