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drank electric kettle by Chefman
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I just picked this up tonight and so far so good. It does everything the description said it would (
Precision temperature control for optimal brewing
Great for tea, coffee, instant oatmeal and more
Option to keep water at desired temperature for up to 60 minutes
Boils water faster than microwave or stove top methods
Cordless kettle with 360º swivel base, 1.7 liter capacity
I got it for $49.99 at Target which surprised me because Amazon usually beats everyone out (they wanted $79.95).
First time using an infuser so the rating will probably go up when I have mastered this skill. Also saw a few reviews that said the kettle had some rust issues but I think if I keep it dry after use I might be able to avoid the problem.
It would be great to hear from anyone that has used this product.

Update: I just have to add that I cannot believe how much more flavorful my tea is, now that I am paying attention to thee water temperature and steeping instructions. Just amazing!
Well it’s almost a month later and I just got back from returning the kettle.
So disappointing. It makes great tea but was beginning to rust on the bottom. This has been noted in a few reviews I’d read but I thought/hoped if I dried it out as best I could (small opening) I would get luck and it would be fine.

No such luck :( Hated to return it because the rust thing was the only problem) but the bottom line is, no matter how wonderful the brew is, if the bottom falls out one day it’s not going to matter.

So the search for a great kettle goes on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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