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10g (to finish it off)
5s – Colour strong already. Taste: Not much, dusty.
10s – Colour more strong. Taste: Simple, dusty.
15s – Flavour feels closed in. Subdued. Green flavour, mid strength.

Impressed by the age but disappointed by the flavour.

100g: $12.34 / £8.05
Score considering price = 65

10 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Got this a while back from DTH. I was discussing it with another Steepster about purchasing it. When it arrived I put it in the “pumidor” to re-hydrate a bit since it was sealed in a ziploc bag. I gave it 2 weeks and brought it out. The cake itself looks almost like a 5 year old sheng as opposed to the 15 year vintage stated from the seller. It has a medium level of compression that I was able to break off quite easily. I decided to use the gaiwan as most of my yixings are already seasoned and I wanted to have this as “pure” as possible.
10 grams and a 10 second rinse. The brew is a very light golden amber more like a green tea. The aroma is musty with a lighter floral smell very subdued. My guess is this one was very dry stored for it’s life. You get a little musty in the sip along with a medium bitter note from it. It gives something that makes your mouth water a bit. It is not punchy but very light for what it is. I played around with the leaf I brewed and found a couple as long as my pinkie finger in there. The leaf is mainly bigger than most factory cakes made today. Not one of my favorite shengs but maybe some storage with some more humidity will bring it out.

10 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

Haha! “Pumidor”, lovely :-)


You have no idea! Well you probably do. As much puerh as I have I had to devise one. :)


That is one of the reasons mr m is the pu-ru – he has a PUMIDOR!


Wow! Looks like a 5yo? Do you think is real and badly stored or… not real? I had a similar issue with another vendor. When I researched enough I found it was a fake sad face but at least I learned not to buy from there again.


I think it has just been very dry stored. I don’t think it is a fake as it was sold on the Dragon Tea House site. I believe it has just not been aged traditionally with the humidity allowed to do its thing.

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