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Sample from chrimabro – Thanks, Christina!

This is a delicious oolong. It is very green and fresh, with a really deep flavor. It tastes almost woody, but not a dry woody but the fresh smell of a live branch you snap that’s still green on the inside.

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I met the owner of this company at our local farmer’s market (it’s a small gathering and I was surprised and excited to see someone selling loose leaf tea). This oolong was only $4 for 2oz, which is a great deal… And I was happy to support a local business.

The tea is alright. It’s not bad a oolong, but it is more earthy and rough than the oolong I’m used to (the smell of the leaves is more pungent as well). It’s pleasant enough that I’ll have no problem finishing what I bought, but I’m not sure if I’ll buy more when I’m finished. It’s much less expensive than other oolongs, but it’s also not quite as tasty.

UPDATE: This held up well to resteeping.

3 min, 15 sec

I’ve found the best quality tea for the lowest price (yes, I know this is impossible – you can’t maximize/minimize two variables) at the Asian supermarket. Do you have one near you?


The only specialty groceries we have here are Indian (there’s a huge one nearby that we’ve been meaning to check out). There’s probably one in Princeton. I’ll also be in Philly next month, and may have more luck there.


Oh wait! I just remembered that we passed an Asian Food Market once, about 16 minutes from here. I’ll have to check it out. (I still don’t know this area very well. I’m loathe to get back in a car after a day of commuting.)

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