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I don’t usually drink flavored teas but this one seemed interesting so I got it. Its dark and smokey and has ample hazelnut flavor. Its so coffee-like that I’ve told friends to try this tea first as they make the transition from coffee to tea. Its a great dessert tea and acts like a coffee substitute for me.

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Very bitter and unenjoyable, only steeped for two minutes and its already quite bitter. I don’t usually use milk but next time I’ll try some. Not my favorite ceylon by far though.

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This tea is from one of my favorite stores in chicago, the guy who runs it is the sweetest guy in the world and he is incredibly helpful in finding new teas for people. This tea is not my favorite I’ve had there but it is very good. Do not steep for too long because it can become bitter in almost two minutes, I go for a minute thirty at most. It has a nice light sweetness with a slight tart aftertaste.

Boiling 1 min, 30 sec

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