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drank Homemade chai mix by Cteresa
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Don´t know how I should list this, but here goes, in case anybody else is thinking of doing their own chai blends. I made my first batch and I am impressed, it turned out pretty much to my taste and much better than I thought it would.

My favorite chai so far is Mariage Frères´ Chandernagor, a mix of just four spices – cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and pepper; all balanced in a way that seems perfection to me. I tried to be inspired by that, and remembered that Chandernagor is a tea which I was dubious about because dry it smelled too strongly of cloves. I considered that a tip to add a little bit more of cloves than my nose would think OK.

The recipe:
the base: 50 grams of plain, strong black tea. I used some golden Pekoe tea from the Azores which I had at hand, and was probably already pretty old. It´s a pretty malty tea and I think it worked very well. Assam is probably more canonical and what I would use when I run out of this Gorreana black tea.

the spices – I used seeds of 12 green cardamom pods, half a teaspoon of ground cloves (whole cloves would be better, I would use 12 but I did not have them at hand. Ground spices will probably impart a lot more flavour than the same volume of whole spices so I went with my nose), 12 black pepper grains and then cinnamon, hard to measure or describe. I used some very sweet, very thin cinnamon bark broken in pieces with fingers (very thin!) or knife tip, and a smidgeon of ground cinnamon just because. I pounded it a bit in a pestle till broken up. I mixed the spices with the tea, put it in a sealed pot and waited about a few days, shaking it now and then.

Brew it chai style, a generous helping on simmering milk with a bit of brown sugar, and it was NOT BAD at all. Maybe not quite the best chai ever but much more to my taste than a few other chai mixes I have tried so far. So don´t be afraid to try your own chai mixes and be pretty conservative about the ingredients.

Boiling 7 min, 45 sec

hmmm, intriguing. Need to try making some, since it could be fun to compare both at the same time; the favorite chai and one’s own mix. Would also be an entertaining (or just plain ridiculous but hey) adventure to try to make some chai-ish mixture with chinese tea base. Lapsang with spices…hmm. Tempting.


Oh do try it, it´s lots of fun, specially if you (that is, me) is into cooking and has good quality spices.

It was a lot of fun – and chai is one of those things, I think each of us has a different perfect chai!


I still haven’t had time to brew it chai style and despite that it was great. Hope I can remember the name of this to search. :P


Hope you don’t mind my editing – you deserve credit for this and it makes it easier to find.

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