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I was staring at my teas, unsure of what to have this morning, until I remembered I had a lot of samples, sent by kind Steepster people, to try! So, something new!
This smells so rich and magnificent in dry form. Rich, almost custard-y, with a good hint of caramel. I can certainly smell all the elements advertised in the name.
It brews up less potent than it smells, but it still keeps the flavors, just a gentler form. Its a very smooth cup of tea, and a very nice drink.
Thank you, Ost for sending me this. I really enjoyed it!


Yah! :D

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drank Chocolate Mint by Culinary Teas
1626 tasting notes

This is absolutely delicious. I drank the whole 1oz in a matter of a few weeks. It is refreshing and chocolatey. I love having this with milk and sugar in the morning. Delicious blend.

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drank Casablanca by Culinary Teas
181 tasting notes

With a little sugar this actually turned into quite a delicious – albeit heavily strawberry flavoured – cup. The hibiscus is well balanced and the tartness evens out the sweetness and fruitiness of the blend.

It’s not my favourite cuppa, but I’m also not offended by it. On to the next one.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Ok…well…this was interesting. Upon steeping this, I was so excited because it smelled delicious! Caramel, toffee, a little coffee sort of roastyness….Taking the first sip, though, was another story entirely. I tasted nothing more than puerh. I took a few more sips and then got bored with it, walking away to get a few chores done. About 30 minutes later, I came by to pick the cup up and dump it but was tempted to try it just once more since it smelled so darn good. To my surprise, it was sooo so so much better cooled! I absolutely tasted everything wonderful that I was smelling :) Ah, sweet cooled redemption! I could see myself picking some of this up now. Thanks, Ost, for sending me a sample of this (at some point in time).

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Thanks Ost for this sample via her Xmas card!

I really liked the first steep. I figured as a pu-erh this could stand being left in the water so I put it directly in my cup! (Western style steep.) I never do that anymore! How my steeping has changed! Really I’m so dependent on my gravity steeper nowadays.

Anyways, the first steep was robust and sweet and yummy. The 2nd steep though was pretty much straight through pu-erh. That can be a good thing most of the time, but in this case it came off to me as fishy, not fun. I finished the cup but didn’t rebrew.

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Quite yummy!

As I said in my full-length review of this tea – – this tea won me over before I even started brewing it. The aroma of the dry leaf is so lovely, it evokes thoughts of walking into a candy shop.

The pomegranate is sweet and tart, and I love the way the fruit notes play with the notes of vanilla and chocolate. The overall prevailing note is sweet, but some tart notes weave their way in and out. The black tea has a nice malty tone to it, and it’s a pleasant flavor: smooth and full-flavored.

As the tea cools, I pick up on more chocolate (and more chocolate = better). The chocolate and vanilla together create a very luscious creamy experience.

This is a really yummy tea.


this sounds super complex! yum!

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drank Pineapple Tea by Culinary Teas
4847 tasting notes


Yummy and very summer-y tasting. I drank this hot and enjoyed it – I think it would also make a great iced tea but I couldn’t stop drinking it long enough to let it cool to find out.

As I say in my full-length review – – it has a marvelous pineapple flavor. Sweet, juicy and tastes of fresh pineapple. The black tea is rich and a wee bit malty. It has that even flavor of a Ceylon.

I enjoyed this.

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As I mentioned in my full-length review of this tea – – I don’t usually turn to a green tea as a ‘breakfast tea’ … I usually want my first cup of the day to be black and I want it to be strong! But I could see turning to this as a breakfast tea, it certainly has some gusto to it! And the flavor is very satisfying.

I just wouldn’t recommend adding milk and honey to it. Honey … maybe … milk? No.

Then again, I’m usually a just say no to milk when it comes to most teas, even my breakfast teas. The only tea I’m not usually opposed to having in latte form is a chai.

Anyway! On to my thoughts about this tea: It’s a very flavorful green. The sip starts out sweet with toasty, nutty flavors. It’s not an overly vegetal/grassy type of tea, but there are some subtle vegetative tones. Hints of butter, floral notes, subtle notes of melon, and a distant smoky note.

A really pleasant and complex blend.

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drank Apple Spice by Culinary Teas
4847 tasting notes


A really nice autumnal tea (and yeah, that’s when I drank it – I’m still really behind but I must get caught up by March 31, I just have to.)

The sip starts sweet. Notes of cinnamon. As I mention in my full-length review – – this is the cinnamon like you’d find in your spice cabinet, not the cinnamon that you’d taste from a cinnamon candy. It’s gently warm and sweet and it accents the apple flavor nicely.

The Ceylon base is a brisk tasting tea with a smooth, crisp character and moderate astringency.

A really pleasant cuppa.

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Ever notice that when many of us are ranting and raving, few of us say, “Man, I gotta get me some good Darjeeling?” Not at my house, anyway, and I can’t figure out why. This poor, neglected packet is still half full of light and brisk, juicy, grape-rind goodness that was a much-needed sensory break from the morning builders’ tea rut.

I oversteeped this cup a little and it’s leaning a little toward bitter. My fault, not Margaret’s; and the error is providing just the wake-up kick I need.


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drank Peach Apricot by Culinary Teas
4847 tasting notes


As I said in my opening of the review for this tea: No two fruits say “summer” to me like peaches and apricots. My grandmother (Gramma) had a very prolific apricot tree in her back yard, as well as a peach tree. The apricot tree was a huge tree and it was a ‘tree climbing tree’ so I would climb it and sit up there and eat apricots when I was young.

Instead of making peach cobbler when I was little, gramma would mix both peaches and apricots together and make a peach apricot cobbler and this tea brings back all those memories. When served hot, the peach and apricot flavors remind me a lot of the yummy filling of that peach apricot cobbler. Mmm!

The peach and apricot flavors are good and strong. The fruit essence has been captured well.

Very yummy.

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This is a good, affordable Matcha. Good for an everyday bowl of Matcha.

It froths up nicely but the froth doesn’t stay a long time. It stayed around for about five to ten minutes and then disappeared. Long enough to enjoy several sips with a frothy cap. A smooth, buttery flavor and texture. Creamy. Hints of raw cacao. Sweet with some bittersweet notes.

Like I said, a good Matcha, especially for the price. Here’s my full-length review:


You should try out! The best and the most affordable matcha I have ever had came from them!

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A pleasant, honest, strong Assam that turns a bit bitter if oversteeped. This is a good thick, milk and sugar Assam. Thanks, Ost!

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I can see why reviews for this are on the lower side, but I think I found a way to make it decent.

I do taste a burnt sugar flavor, but there is a noticeable lack of sweetness. A hair of real sweetener gives it that extra oomph. I used literally a drop of agave. Then, to impart the creaminess, I used a healthy dash of almond milk. This also helps to emphasize the sweet flavor and minimize the artificial.

I don’t mind doing some doctoring for teas like this. I usually have a small sip, assess the situation, and add milk and/or sweetener as I see fit, in whatever amounts it needs. I relate it to tasting your food before adding condiments/seasoning. It doesn’t make the food bad…but it is ideal when you get it right on the first try. Which is why I am giving this an ok rating, and not great, as well as the fact that it peaks at “good” even with doctoring. Recommended if you don’t mind sipping first and helping the tea to be its best.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Pineapple Tea by Culinary Teas
726 tasting notes

Another sample from The Cookie Lady! So wasn’t so sure of this one, since I’ve kinda had bad luck in the samples I requested in my swap with The Cookie Lady XD
But I was a bit surprised by this one.
It doesn’t smell like much, but I do taste more than just the black tea base. I do still mainly taste the black tea base. But I am getting a lot of sour pineapple notes too. Like it’s not ripe enough or something. xD
Still not a fan of the sourness. But at least I can taste more than the base of the tea! XD
Thanks for the sample though, The Cookie Lady! This one really isn’t for me.

Flavors: Pineapple, Sour

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drank Assam Bukhial TGFOP by Culinary Teas
726 tasting notes

So, the first thing I taste in this tea is wood, which really isn’t my favorite. Part of me just wanted to throw the towel in since I seem to have bad luck with black teas that taste like wood, and I can never really make them better. But I kept on drinking.
Much to my surprise more flavors started coming out.
Malt being one of them-which really surprised me.
Soft honey notes began to appear.
Not at all what I expected from this one when I initially tried it!
But I’m glad I kept drinking!
It’s a bold assam, but kinda woody, which puts me off a bit. It’s not overpowering, thankfully, but I probably wouldn’t order it. Happy to have tried this one!
Not bad at all for a woody black tea! :P

Flavors: Honey, Malt, Sweet, Wood

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Culinary Teas is redeeming itself now. xD
This is my second to last sample, and it’s definitely one of the better teas I’ve had from there! Least compared to the last three I’ve had!
This tea tastes strongly of chocolate, with sweet notes of caramel. It’s full bodied and sweet. The black tea base is there of course, but it isn’t the dominating flavor. The caramel adds a certain sweetness that I really like in this one.
Definitely a good dessert tea! If you ever order from Culinary Teas, be sure to pick this one up! Definitely worth the try!
And now the tasting notes must take a break so I can take more pain killlers. Glad my tea drinking could end on a nice level this afternoon!
Culinary Teas definitely redeemed itself in my mind with this tea. :P

Flavors: Caramel, Chocolate, Sweet


This sounds yummy!


It is! I can send you a sample if you’d like (:

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drank Caramel Tea by Culinary Teas
726 tasting notes

This one is better than the last two teas I’ve tried, but still hasn’t “wow-ed” me.
The steeping aroma is similar to the maple tea I tried, which like burnt sugar.
The actual taste is definitely caramel. It’s not as rich and sweet as I hoped. The black tea base is very present in this one, which makes it not as sweet.
Kinda disappointed with this one, to be honest!
It would be so much better if the base didn’t dominate so much. If it was sweeter it would be great!
So overall, it’s an okay cup, but…nothing I’d drink again, sadly. :/

Flavors: Bitter, Burnt Sugar, Caramel

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drank Maple Tea by Culinary Teas
726 tasting notes

Another fan I’m not really a fan of…
I know I’ve tried real maple syrup before, but I don’t remember how it tasted at all, but I definitely liked the more…fake syrup better. xD
This doesn’t taste like fake syrup which I like…so maybe it’s supposed to be like real maple syrup or something?
I’m not really sure what they were going for here, but I’m not a fan of this one either. Not nearly as bad as the “coca-cola” tea that I just tried, but still not a fan.
To me this just smells and tastes like burnt sugar and burnt syrup.
Burnt something sweet. :/
Glad I tried a sample before buying more though. Thanks to Culinary Teas for the sample!

Flavors: Burnt, Burnt Sugar

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Culinary Teas threw this one in when they sent me samples a couple of weeks ago.
While I’m not the biggest fan of chai teas, I figured I’d give it a shot.
I really like the name of this one, since I’ve always loved that book. And the tea itself is pretty cute with all the little sprinkles…yes, I’m always a fan of decorating things, even tea, with sprinkles. :P
As for the tea itself…
It really reminds me of Coca-Cola. Yes,the soda. There’s a crap load of ginger in this one. I don’t really know if there’s ginger in soda…but…somehow it really tastes like it to me. It’s just like drinking hot soda. I don’t even know, you guys..
I really like Culinary Teas’ blends, but this one is just awful.
If you are crazy about ginger You’d probably feel different…or perhaps my taste buds are out of a whack or something…I have no idea. But I’m just not a fan. D:

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Sipdown (109)!

Thank you Marzipan for the sample. I don’t think I’ve had anything else from this company or, if I have, it hasn’t left an impression. I have to say though that based on the name this looks like something that would definitely catch my interest. And smell wise, it’s very chocolately and rich. I’d say it “makes me teeth hurt” on smell alone or something along those lines, but with the recent tooth predicament that seems a little off colour to remark.

I cold brewed my sample from you because I’ve had great success in the past with cold brewing richer, dessert teas; both with and without chocolate and caramel flavours. And, this one got a long cold brew since I started it yesterday in the early afternoon, several hours before I normally begin brewing for the night, but didn’t strain it until the usual time I do every morning (when I’m getting ready for work). Something very close to 24 hours, anyway. At least 20.

This is very, very impressively rich and sweet. The name, for one, is really accurate. The full bodied dark chocolate and cocoa notes marry perfectly with this really rich, thick and sticky caramel flavour and it makes you want to pick at your teeth for all the caramel that’s managed to get stuck in the little gaps and creases or whatever. It’s really that good. It’s actually, probably, the best desert tea (of any tea type) I’ve had in ages. It reminds me of brownies, fudge, cake, those dark chocolate coated caramels (Reisins?)…

Yeah; I was really impressed! I drank every last drop of the 20 oz. brew I had made! And that still wasn’t really enough.

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From the Lewis & Clark TTB

I don’t think I’ve ever had a fruit tea that tasted as authentic as this one does. On my first whiff, I was struck with a powerful blueberry aroma, with a bit of vanilla reminding me of hot blueberry pie a la mode. The taste is also dominated by blueberry, though the tea peeks through underneath, adding body to the tea.

As the tea cooled, the fruit flavor seemed to fade a bit. Still present, but not so dominant. Possibly, I was just getting used to the flavor? I used sweetener, since I find that it enhances flavored teas.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Ost sent me a sample of this, the first cup of which I burned the heck out of. I didn’t even write a note for it that time because it was so bitter that I couldn’t even drink it. I made it again today, using the last of my sample correctly, and was crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t be bitter this time. It was a success! I’m really impressed with how much I can taste the raspberry (and that it specifically tastes like raspberry…not just some generic, unidentifiable berry flavor). It’s rich and desserty and I really wish I had some vanilla almond milk for this one.

I’m really hoping Culinary Teas has an awesome Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal. I haven’t ordered from them yet because their shipping seems kind of high. But, after having this tea, seeing the other flavors they offer, and knowing they have 1 oz sample sizes, I really would like to order from them!

Flavors: Chocolate, Raspberry


I’m waiting for them to have a really good sale too. They keep having like 10-20% off discounts. But that doesn’t at all cancel out their shipping. It’s too high to place an order! ><

The Cookie Lady

I know, right? And even when they have those 20% sales, they seem to only be on a specific type of tea (like the fruit tea sale right now and the cinnamon one they had a couple of weeks ago). If I have to pay almost $9 for shipping, I’d like to at least be able to get a discount on the whole spectrum of their teas. We’ll see what happens :)

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HHTTB #13/18

My bag of samples that I pulled from the Here’s Hoping TTB #3 got misplaced in my unorganized tea stash. Woops! I have a few left to try. This is the cup for tonight. This is a surprisingly good cup. I am having this cup straight, no additions. I taste the sweet rooibos and the pear/apple flavor comes out and adds the tart juicy flavor. This is nice and it would be a really good iced rooibos.

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