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Interesting tea concept…

It’s basically just black tea and seaweed. That’s this company’s whole “thing” I believe – seaweed teas. What fascinates me is that they use all different types of seaweed, and when you look at their website the teas sort of rank the “level” of seaweed taste present in the cup. This one is ‘low taste’ or something like that…

I’ve had seaweed in tea before – notably in Kusmi’s Algothe blend which I actually really love. You usually can’t actually taste that in the blend at all though; it’s more focused on the mint. With the only other ingredient in this blend being black tea, I found the flavour a lot more detectable. However, while it was present it wasn’t unpleasant. Kind of just a little bit of an extra savory/salty note in the cup? I didn’t realize just how salty until I drank a sip of something else and returned to my mug and then was hit with more of that “oomph” from the salt – but I do still think it’s a totally reasonable and drinkable cup.

Aside from that slight saltiness, the tea has a bit of a honey/malty note. I think it’s the honey sweetness that I was picking up on which really helped balance out the seaweed. It makes up like 20% of the blend, so that’s not an insignificant amount – all things considered this is well balanced.

My only other note is really that this is best consumed hot – once it had cooled down, around the last quarter of the mug, the taste kind of turned a bit funky and I struggled to finish the rest of it; just a bit brine-y…


Seaweed tea. Sounds neat.

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