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I oversteeped this and it tastes like a dirty orange-flavored cigarette. Blech

Thank you Cavocorax for sharing though. You never know unless you try.

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I have had this one for a while thanks to the generosity of Cavocorax but I tend to not reach for it given its not really ingredients I look for in a tea (i’m looking at you, mate). However, today I got home early and decided to give it a try. I brewed it up hot and then iced it and then got distracted by homework and making a soup so I am only getting to it now.

My first impression is smoke. Lots of smoke. Smoke and Earth. Then a bit of orange sweetness creeps in but it’s subtle and hidden among a mess of spices and stronger, harsher flavors. I guess in that sense it is true to Sherlock Holmes and his brash attitude but as far as tea goes, this one just isn’t for me.

Thank you Cavocorax for the share though.

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tea from cavocorax i might be trying to sneak in some easy sipdowns today before we head off to winterlicious tonight. I caved and ordered 3 puerhs today from streetshop88 which means i’m in even more trouble as far as my cupboard goes. On the upside, they likely won’t be getting here anytime soon LOL

This is a tea that i can get behind in theory… it’s making me want to bust out my non existant blending skills and make a smokey, orange, vanilla tea. Sadly this is an adagio blend so it smells like orange and smoke and delicious..and then tastes like 99% of every other black based adagio fan blend. blech. :( At least i tried..and it HAS given me inspiration!! so still a win in my books!


Haha. Well, that’s something!
I love that Shmiracles created this after reading a story that was the most angst-ridden and painful love story I’d encountered when reading fic. And so I can suffer a little each time. :P You can’t put a price on that!

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okay yes i have a ton of samples to try. 64 to be exact.
not to mention 25 reviews to write for teas i’ve already tasted.
but why would that stop me from still buying more tea and making more blends?!?!?

Be Nice To Clint.

this blend still needs a little work. but it’s a good start. it just needs more bite is all. i like the puerh because it gives it a leathery note, but i think it mellows out the other flavors too much. the candy apple is barely there despite how “sweet” tasting all the reviews online seem to say it is. so ya takin out the puerh. probably gonna go bold and try gunpowder. i know weird i know.

Version 1.0
candy apple – because, CIRCUS!
pu erh dante – leather and smoke grrrrr
tiger eye – EYE. eyes. ya know, kinda rhymes with “sniper eyes” er, um, that
cornflowers – because, PURPLE!
red peppercorn – “Mild peppery taste with a hint of acidic sweetness” duh you dangerous snarky yet adorable jerk you

i’m making a Hawkeye blend because even though the blenders on adagio get so many characters exactly right, i haven’t seen or tried a good blend that really pins down Hawkeye.
and he is a hard one to pin down. the sassiness of Tony, the ruthlessness of Natasha, the endearing everyman of Casual Steve. Clint has a lot of faces and facets. and you have to if you’re going to be a Secret Agent and a SHEILD Sniper and a Circus Orphan and a Landlord and an Assassin and a Babysitter for your neighbor and an uncertain Dog Owner. and unless you read the comics and read fic and watch the cartoons and the movies i don’t see why anyone would get all his parts and pieces. so no hard feelings.


You make me want to know Clint better!

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you read it right fanfic thread peeps! my third fic tea and ‘work in progress’.

i’m getting better at predicting blends, because this one is pretty tasty! how it came out isn’t exactly how i envisioned it tasting, but it’s close. close enough to be happy with it.
and seeing how the ratio of teas and additions i chose taste together can still teach me about future blending choices. (the more teas from adagio i get to taste the easier it is, because some teas are DUH just more potent in flavor than others.)

for me, its about figuring out the flavors in the right levels but also then considering how the tea smells dry and how the tea looks.

ikr i don’t think i would have ever considered that i’d care how a blend i make looks. but i do. and now in hindsight it’s no surprise, because i WAS an art major after all.

anyways, i know how i’m gonna try adjusting the next version of this blend. and then it might take 1 more after that before i settle on the recipe. but don’t worry! i’m keeping extensive and awesome notes!


The whole process sounds so neat. :) I’d be super into this if I had a post box in the States I could get to regularly!


OMG yes! I love that you are making your own blends. Lemme know when they’re not WIP. :P

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hey i think i’m improving my blending abilities! either that or i got lucky :)
either way, i still kinda win.
this current blend is blackberry, caramel, and mocha nut mate with cornflowers added.
i hope to add cocoa nibs to the next batch i think?

you don’t have to really know what i’m talking about here. this is just me trying to parse out what taste profile i’m going for and then trying to judge if i’ve come even a little close.

i was going for a dark earthen tea base with a kind of unsettled sweetness incorporated? i figured the mate would add a rougher kind of masculine note and the dark berries and caramel could help create a slightly salty yet decadent tone. the tea basically needs to be sensual and intense and troubled and sad. comforting but still very very sad. and i wasn’t aiming for it, but the mate definitely has a sort of riding crop flavor-tone to it.
so beautiful it hurts and so stinging it’s beautiful. i’ll keep drinking this bag, get to know this version better, make some changes and then see what else i learn.

Bach’s Chaconne Partita No.2

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yesterday i battled my social anxiety to throw my boyfriend an awesome birthday party. i’d say it was a success.
but today i’m sullen and irritable.
so when this tea arrived in the mail i felt almost weepy with excitement!
i created and ordered this blend on the adagio website on thursday while i was at work.
this tea did not turn out very good, but it was my first tea blend attempt.
not enough lapsang. not enough vanilla. i guess they are kinda two flavors that don’t exactly make sense so they kinda end up canceling each other out.
i’m gonna try again i think. or maybe buy one of those sampler mixer sets? idk. i’ve started this goal and i tend to get a bit obsesses in situations like these.

Terri HarpLady

too much sugar probably…;)


It sounds interesting in theory anyway! Plus, it’s Sherlock. :D


hey Tea Sipper, i’m gonna continue to mess with the blend a bit. maybe it needs a slight fruity tartness to make the vanilla more bright? give it more definition. anyways, i ordered some adagio samples of more lapsang, and vanillas like green and rooibos, and a tart apple blend. if it’s just for me i figure i can really just do whatever i want :)
it’s definitely already turned into a nice learning experience!
and yes, it’s Sherlock!! and i have to pass the time until the next season SOMEWAY.


Ooh. I’ll keep an eye out to see if you get this one figured out.


oh hah i’m sure i’ll post on the “Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!” with enthusiasm when i do ;)

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