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drank Grasshopper Pie Puerh by :D
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I drank this last year during Christmas time and never wrote about it… dang, I really messed up there. Someone put time and effort into providing a gift for me and I didn’t even respond :(
I’m sorry, I was probably really busy that week…. thanks though, I always appreciate when people put in effort to put a smile on others face; which you did for me an others :)

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drank Grasshopper Pie Puerh by :D
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Sipdown (134)!

Thank you Stephanie for sharing this tea with me!

I finished off the last bit of it hot, and I have to say that while I had originally thought this would perform better cold I did ultimately enjoy the hot cuppa much better. I just found the flavours all balanced a little more nicely, and I could taste the mint substantially more than in the cold brew. It was smooth, velvety and creamy and definitely delivered a rich chocolate mint flavour so that’s a win in my book! As well, the earthy pu’erh is the perfect grounding base flavour.

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drank Grasshopper Pie Puerh by :D
6503 tasting notes


This tea comes from the uber thoughtful Stephanie who sent it out around Christmas time. I feel a little bad that I didn’t drink it around the holidays, but I did make sure it was drank in a form that was at least semi monumental!

While I still have enough of Steph’s sample to try this hot, I used the majority of it for my first tasting as a cold brew. Personally, I adore cold brewed chocolate and mint combos so I was pretty sure I’d like this cold brewed. I’ve never actually had grasshopper pie, but it looks and sounds delicious. My experience with the cold brew was that it was a largely earthy and chocolate flavour highlighted by a much lighter, refreshing mint finish that created a nice refreshing end sip.

Thanks Steph!


god that sounds delicious!

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A long, long time ago… in a tea mug far away. I got this while on snowy planet with fellow Resistance member Stephanie. It smells so nicely like chocolate and mint. When, I first brewed, there was more of cocoa scent. There are only mild notes of mint in the flavour. As it cools, I get more of a puer taste. Not sure how it compares to a grasshopper pie (hard to come by on this planet), but it’s pretty good.

May the Force be with you.

Flavors: Cacao, Chocolate, Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Mint


:D :D :D

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drank Grasshopper Pie Puerh by :D
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drank Vanilla Gold by :D
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thank you stephanie and terri for sharing this one with me! Seriously, this is a great tea so total props on your first blending experiement. I’d say it was a total success! I really enjoyed this one..jsut a delicious malty, vanilla, sweet cup of YUM! of course now it’s gone and that’s sad…. so sad.


Yay! Super glad you liked it :)


Heyyyyyyyy jealous!! ;)

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drank Vanilla Gold by :D
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I’m lucky to have gotten some of this tea.

rich and delicious. The vanilla and saffron blend in perfectly with the golden monkey ad the keemun.

And I know you’re all jealous.

The aroma is amazing. The tea is outstanding.


I love the color, and the way the little threads of saffron just pop right out. Saffron adds an amazing little touch to it.


Nice, where did you even get this? The sneaky smiley face brand name is sneaky.


I got it from a special tea friend who loves me. It’s a custom blend.


Sounds delicious!


You left out “neener neener”

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drank Vanilla Gold by :D
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This was an exclusive, rare, small batch tea and it was great. I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t get to try it. Neener neener.

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