Debauve & Gallais

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This is an absolutely lovely violet blend. I love violet, but the violet flavoring in teas can either go really delicious or really terrible. When this is hot, the violet flavor is very much like a Chowards violet candy. As it cools, the black base becomes much more noticeable. I don’t love the base, but the violet flavor is still enough to make up for it.


I will forever be grateful to you for introducing me to violet and violet teas! <3


I’m so glad I was able to introduce you to something you enjoy!!

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So begins the process of logging all of my teas from Paris.
Debauve & Gallais is an absolutely lovely chocolate shop in Paris, and they were said to have supplied chocolate to Napoleon and Marie Antoinette.
While chocolate is their main product is chocolate, they do have quite an assortment of tea.
This particular flavor is immensely French. So French. Something about the red fruit and apricot just reads as Parisian to me. Quite a nice tea, but I prefer the other blend I purchased more.

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