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drank Love Affair by Defthlesen & Balk
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This was originally entered as an “Amoda Tea” and while Amoda did indeed offer it (and continues to sell it, I believe) in their February tasting box, it is a Defthlesen & Balk Tea according to Amoda.

Anyway … I tried this tea a while back … I’m REALLY, REALLY behind on my tasting notes. It’s pretty tasty, but, a little disappointing. Being a chocoholic, I want CHOCOLATE when I’m promised chocolate, and this tea promises chocolate but doesn’t really deliver quite as strongly as I would like it to. There is a gentle rose note to this cup, and a sweet-tart strawberry note, and then there is the rooibos. I wish there was more chocolate and less rooibos taste.

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drank Love Affair by Defthlesen & Balk
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Nice sweet-ish tea, flavours predominantly chocolate and strawberry, bit of rhubarb. The little red hearts are strawberry-flavoured.

By the time I’d drunk half of it, the sweet fruity flavour became a bit cloying. I’ll have to try it again. Maybe it doesn’t work to let it get cool.

I brewed this, as per instructions, for 10 minutes with boiling water.
Added milk and small amount of sugar, as the tea is already sweet.

Boiling 8 min or more

I find that happens to me frequently on the fruitier teas, especially the steep forever ones.

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