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I’m actually semi surprised to see this already entered into the database, especially since it doesn’t have any reviews…

Last time I made a major grocery shopping haul I did what I normally do and I picked up a few treats as a splurge, of sorts. Sometimes those treats are tea related, and sometimes they aren’t: this time I kind of got the best of both worlds?

I have to say that having also tried DAVIDsTEA’s Earl Grey infused Dark Chocolate this was easily the better of the two. The flavour of the Earl Grey itself was a lot more strong/prominent and I want to say that the texture was also a lot more smooth. DAVIDsTEA’s chocolate bars sometimes have large chunks of hard ingredients (like tea leaf or hibiscus for example) but this didn’t have that’s kind of gritty texture to it. That said, while it did deliver on an Earl Grey flavour I still probably wouldn’t have it again because I don’t like the pairing of Earl Grey and dark chocolate. I think the dark chocolate will always dominate of the EG at least a little and in a really good tea/chocolate pairing neither should eclipse the other. More so, they should either compliment each other or in one way or another bring out characteristics of the thing they’re paired with that aren’t normally noticed/appreciated.

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