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Of all my collection of Lapsang Souchong this one has always been unique for its creamy potato note, its not really sweet potato, more like starchy white potatoes eaten raw in flavour but creamy like scalloped potatoes, it also has cocoa notes, honey, a complex mix of spice that mixes cinnamon with a spicy sweet floral note with hints if longan and cherry.

I have always had this tea steeped at lower temperatures to emphasise the crwaminess, but today I flashed steeped it for about 10 seconds with boiling water. The broth is quite pale in the first steep but it is very flavourful with stronger honey and cocoa notes than I noted in this tea before. It remains very smooth and creamy and has a touch of malt and a light grainy note to add to the above flavours. The leaves are very beautiful, dark black, small and glossy.

The second steep is a red gold toned broth that smells of honey, spice, cherry and cocoa. The cocoa is more robust this steep and the broth tastes a bit starchy and is thicker while retaining its creaminess. The cocoa, malt, and cherry notes and a bit of clover nectar are up front supported by the honey and spice with a grain and potato note mixed with a hint of molasses. Quite enjoyable.

This tends to be a quite resilient tea and I tend to get at least 7 infusions out of it even when my steeping time begins at 1 minute. Altogether a very nice tea if you like more fruity, sharp malt notes in your Lapsang.

*I purchased this tea from an Aliexpress dealer and it is available from time to time from several dealers.

1 tsp 7 OZ / 200 ML


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Thanks Sil for letting me try this one! (175)
It’s IS fruity; just as I was promised. I’m also tasting the tiniest bit of smoke, but it’s very delicately balanced. IT’s a nice wake-me-up cup as I struggle to take part in the day and be productive instead of surfing the internet, reading fic, and playing pokemon. (Some days, more than others, I really don’t want to be an adult!) Ha!

Here’s hoping this cup gives me the push I so sorely need!


Haha me either! Like, I should be analyzing data right now, yet here I am on Steepster.

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Another tea to explore from YYZ and the last of the “fruity” teas that she sent. I have to say it’s been nice trying out these different teas and i’m looking forward to the rizhao journey i have in store from her as well. I had this alongside the other my recollection is that i prefered the other to this one, while this was still a really nice cup. I’m at that point in my cupboard where i need to decide how many fruitier blacks i want since they are not usually my preferred go to blacks. I’m much more a fan of the malty, cocoa-y sort of tea, with a little smoke thrown in maybe. :) still though, fun to have and explore! thanks again yyz!


This ones’s mellowed a bit with time. I set it way for a while because it can be quite tart. Glad you enjoyed it!

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