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This drink totally surprised me. It has a cool, subtle refreshing taste and sparkles on the tongue. It is appropriately sweetened which is very palatable. The matcha gives you noticeable energy over several hours and it has become a staple in my fridge. Highly recommended.

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Darker color and stronger matcha flavor than I expected, but also a tad sweeter than I would like. Glad I tried it, but not sure I’d buy again.

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A review of Motto Sparkling Matcha Tea by Drink Motto

Company: Drink Motto
Tea Name: Sparkling Matcha Tea
Tea Type/Varietal: Matcha
Region: Japan / USA
Steeping Vessel/Amt Leaf: sparkling bottled tea
Liquor Color: clear with fritz
Leaf Characteristic:

I purchased this tea during a visit to the Harvest Food Co-op in Central Square of Cambridge, MA. This is a store that I visit every now and again, if I am in the area. I had not seen matcha offered as sparkling drink ever. I am very to have tried this, it is very nice. I shook the bottle and opened very carefully and poured the drink in my glass filled with iced.

Drinking of this tea is like having a glass of champagne, except it is not as fruity as some champagne. It is dry and crisp with the tannins tingling on the palette. The medley of matcha green tea, honey, organic agave, fresh lemon juice, and the organic apple cider vinegar mixes very well together. This is truly a lovely experience, I am only sorry to have purchased only one bottle because I thought it was a bit too costly.

Overall tasting notes: Dry, crisp and citrusy with overall slight tingling effect on the palette.

Cup’s characteristic: fresh and mildly astringent

Liquor color: light pale green

Taste: dry and crisp like having eaten a green apple


Sounds tasty!

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