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drank Jasmine Tea by DyDo
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Jasmine teas are probably my favorites within the range of Japanese bottled iced teas. Weirdly though, they are not available year ’round. From what I can recall, they show up in the summer and then once fall starts disappear again. This saddens me.

I have no idea what the base tea here is, I assume it’s green, but the bottle doesn’t actually say and and ingredients only list “jasmine tea” and, interestingly, vitamin C. Not sure what’s up with that.

This tea was great! Very refreshing and strongly scented. The low temperature did not conceal the jasmine-ness at all, giving it a noticeable character without having to rely on the bitterness of the tea. Great for a day of walking around Yokohama. And finally something that’s not a coca-cola product!


Vitamin C is the same thing as ascorbic acid and is a preservative.
BTW, I’m greatly enjoying your bottled tea reviews – even if it does make me a bit homesick for all the vending machines in Japan! For some reason, a ton of my time and adventures in Japan has ended up being mentally associated with bottled teas so your logs bring up lots of memories!


Oh right, I think I learned that at some point. Glad you’re enjoying them! I think everyone who stays in Japan for a reasonable length of time starts seeing vending machines and the things that come from them as an integral part of the experience.

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