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I love this tea! It is the perfect caffeine-free tea. I love drinking rooibos before bed. The subtle lemon works well with the rooibos.
Aroma: rooibos, lemon
Liquor: Golden-orange
Taste: rooibos, honey, lemon, and vanilla
Steep time: 8 mins

Flavors: Lemon, Rooibos, Vanilla

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I had high hopes for this tea. Probably much higher then I should have considering how much my friend paid for it. Granted price shouldn’t always determine whether it’s good or bad but quite honestly… this is bland. Can’t even taste the pineapple There isn’t even any grassy notes for the green tea. This is not a cup of tea its a cup of blah…


The taste of disappointment.

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There are good cops and bad cops. This tea plays good cop.

If you want to find out the reason for my impending jail sentence, you should read this post:


Well I am intrigued :)

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Thanks for this one from your sale, TheLastDodo! I had to try this one. Unfortunately, this is nothing like any kettle corn I’ve tried. Though it isn’t a bad tasting blend. It just tastes like chocolate coconut instead of kettle corn? It’s definitely packaged well and not contaminated at all. I do see little pieces of coconut in the blend and one kernel of corn in what went in my infuser. I like the flavor, but I’d rename it!

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