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Trying this again today to see if it is better with less “leaves”. Used 8.3g in a 230ml teapot today and I did not get the unpleasant note of the other day. Still got the salty taste. This is not totally caffeine free so I stopped at four steeps. There is a natural sweet note to this that I am just not sure how to describe. It is described by sellers as honey sweet but to me it doesn’t taste like honey and it certainly is not as sweet as honey. It is definitely improved over the other day though. While I’m not going to specifically recommend or not recommend this tea it is interesting to try. It’s almost hard to believe it comes from the same plant as tea but it does. One thing about this, I think that the salty note might go away in another four steepings. It is lessened in the fourth steeping. But as this does have some caffeine I stopped at four.

I steeped this four times in a 230ml teapot with 8.3g “leaf” and boiling water. I gave it a 10 second rinse. I steeped it for 5 sec, 5 sec, 7 sec, and 10 sec.

Flavors: Salty, Sweet

Boiling 8 g 8 OZ / 230 ML

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Bought this solely because of the caffeine content. It was something to brew that is naturally very low in caffeine. I had already had enough caffeine today so I decided to try this. They are billed as from ancient trees. While I tend to doubt that you never know if even the tea flowers of ancient trees aren’t worth much. It is an interesting tea. These teas are billed as honey sweet. That is not entirely true but not entirely false. There is no bitterness to this tea. There is a sweet taste that some might describe as honey sweet. There is also a salty note to this. I find the salty note quite unusual and I don’t know if salt is added to the tea flowers or if this is natural. There is also a third note that I really didn’t identify that was somewhat unpleasant. Overall I can’t give this a tremendously high rating because the taste is not there. However, I will make a point of trying it again because of the fact that it is so low in caffeine.

I steeped this four times in a 175ml teapot with 12.2g leaf and boiling water. I gave it a 10 second rinse. I steeped it for 5 sec, 5 sec, 7 sec, and 10 sec. I don’t know how many steeps this would go but as I don’t know for sure just how much caffeine is in this I stopped at four.

Boiling 12 g 6 OZ / 175 ML

I received a tong of this stuff from a friend in Bangwei, Yunnan. They’re pretty cakes but I agree they lack complexity. It’s a good tea for guests.

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