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drank yerba mate by El Almacen
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First off, my rating here is not just about the tea but also my overall experience. It was my daily dose of culture! and it was fantastic!!!!! I love this place. If it wasn’t so far outta the way, I’d be there regularly.
Anyhow, I drank this out of the gourd, with the special metal straw. The first infusion was had bare— very strong, intense and a little bitter, topped with that “yerba” taste but much better than what I am accustomed to. Maybe that was due to the gourd? or the higher quality leaf?
The second infusion was less bitter, especially after the server added some sugar for me (you aren’t supposed to mix the leaves, I wasn’t sure how to do it proper!)
As I got nearer the third infusion, the brew became much smoother. It challenged my concept of yerba somewhat, as I didn’t realize it could be SO smooth, or that it would taste so different in the gourd. The yerba I’ve tried before is more raw, and can be really earthy. I didn’t get any of that here… just the “tea” part. Despite it being super strong, and even bitter, I did not find it wearing on the throat at all. Yes, I need to go back there so that I can have more, and pick up a bag!! they have yerba lattes! mmmmm
Next time, I hope to have a tea-pal with me as this is traditionally a social drink, meant to be shared among a group but as I was on my way elsewhere, this was sadly enjoyed by only me. It was somewhat wasted actually… there were atleast another 3-4 infusions left in the cup but I was late! as always.
Anyhow, this is a lovely cafe. I’m so grateful to have come across it! and the service was terrific as well.

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