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A review of Green Tea + Almond

Company: Exotic Artisan Black Flower Chocolate
Tea Name: Green Tea+ Chocolate
Tea Type/Varietal: green
Color: a bar of dark chocolate

Characteristics: this is a chocolate bar that I obtained/purchased while attending the Holiday Craft Fair in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is Dark chocolate + green tea + almond. I paid $6.00 for it and online they are sold for $7.00.

The packaging is lovely green bag like envelope. The chocolate is wrapped in a clear cooking parchment paper which I opened to have some of the chocolate. It is very dark chocolate with almond chunks showing on back side and when I break off a piece of the chocolate to have with my pu-erh tea it is so smooth when tasted and not at all bitter since I tend to think that of dark chocolates.

I was able to enjoy having a piece of this chocolate with some mint tea as well as this pu-erh tea and both blended nicely with the chocolate. This is very good, pure chocolate with a lovely fragrance in that it is not over powering or bitter; it is made with just right…ingredients are evenly distributed and the almond chunks adds a grainier texture to the chocolate.

Overall, this chocolate is smoothly rich and very enjoyable!


Yum! I’ve had a little tea chocolate and my local cheese shop has an Earl Grey dusted cheese that’s fantastic…but I’m still on the hunt for some bon bons. Roughage has a website with recipes http://www.chocablog.com/reviews/matcha-chocolat-christmas-selection/ somewhere in here… anyway they make chocolates with tea. Not bars though.

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