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2003 Fengwing Jia Ji Raw – Dragon Tea House

Price: £7.69 ($11.86) (50g)

Dry: Med compression. Fruity herbally. Colourful
Wet: Bright, herbally, dark lemony, menthol. Similar to 2008 Xiaguan Dream of red.

Summary: Fizzy, lemony. It is a good tea, but lacks complexity, multi-layering and the smoke it still too strong to appreciate its nuances.

Note: Dragon Tea House no longer stock this so I put it under Berylleb as they do stock it.

5s – Light/med orange. No sharp bitterness. Some fizzyness. Round in the mouth. Lingers. Has a lemony fizzyness on the swallow.

Other notes: Sour, lemons, strong bitterness, disinfectant, good body, bright. Strong, fast returning sweetness and bitterness.

This tea gives some tangyness/fizz/sparkle at the back of the throat. Flavour is cloudy bitter lemons. It is sharp and bitter in the mouth. Later steeps have less bitterness and maintain the cloudy lemon flavour, which has some grip underneath. A very strong tea when brewed hard.
Throat rhyme is there and causes the mouth to salivate. However, it is being blocked slightly by some grey smoke.


Flavors: Lemon

7 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

This one still has a bunch of smoke in it! I did get a sample from Berylleb and it is smoky as well.


I’m glad you agree. Although the smoke wasn’t too bad.


Yeah it is almost brothy and savory in a sense.


I have a sample from YS. Tried twice. First after a week of arrival, 2nd after whole summer airing it out in humid condition. It improved but slightly. And I do not like it even after airing.


Interesting. What didn’t you like about it?


I’ve better ones for the same price. I don’t like that this smoke bitter one. And I don’t mind smoky teas. But it was lacking of sweetness. Based on my 2 tries – no love. But maybe it’s a bad sample .


I totally agree. This one gets too smoky and there is hardly any sweetness.

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