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drank Cherry Body Tea by Fitvia
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Fun Fact: Every time I see the name of this tea, in combination with the company name, all I can think about is the Body Break theme song… This one.

Anyway, this was my favourite of the three blends I tried by far – I had it iced and it was just so jam packed with dense, sweet cherry flavour. It reminded me a little bit of the cherry flavour that I enjoy so heavily in DT’s Cherry Lucuma and Cherry Berry Punch blends – but kind of tart as well.

I was having it and talking to a coworker, and what I compared it to was the highly pigmented red Slush Puppies you used to be able to get super cheaply in the early 2000s, with a pump of shocker. I remember as a kid, in the summer, we would stay at our Grandma’s house for a few weeks in super small town Eyebrow (population of like 150 mostly senior citizens) and there was an ice cream shop that only opened for the summer. It had a Slush Puppy machine with like a dozen different flavours which seemed like so many as a kid. It was $2.00 for a small slushy and $0.25 for a pump of shocker. We used to get $5.00 a day for snacks, so we’d grab a chocolate bar or a bag of chips for around $1.50 and then a slushy and load it up with as much shocker as we could afford – basically blasting off our taste buds with citric acid. This is not where near that level of sour/tart, but the deep cherry flavour is sending me back to that deep place of nostalgia and that’s why I enjoyed this one the most, ultimately.

I guess the “good for you” ingredient in this one was the garcinia, but I honestly don’t care about that. It’s just nostalgic cherry slushie to me…

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For a company that basically just does wellness/detox/beauty blends, cotton candy seems like a really bizarre flavour choice to me – but I suppose the idea is that wellness teas can be fun, sweet and indulgent and still “give you benefits”. What benefits this tea is supposed to be giving you, I don’t know…

In terms of taste alone though, I thought it was pretty good. It’s definitely very strongly cotton candy flavoured but it’s guilty of the same super weird flavour combination that I find DT’s Unicorn Dream has – rich cotton candy coupled with a lot of citrusy lemongrass. It doesn’t totally work for me as a pairing, and it kind of pushes the flavour into more of that Froot Loops territory.

However, it was fine overall.

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Someone brought this tea, and two other flavours from the same company, in to the office from Europe – apparently the brand is very big over there. I’ve seen them on instagram before, but I didn’t realize how apparently “massive” they are…

This was an alright mix – visually it looks a big chaotic/busy, and it has that weird popped rice thing that is a super European feeling ingredient when it’s used in anything other than Genmaicha blends. I’ve never understood if it’s meant to serve any purpose other than being a filler ingredient because, if it’s for visuals, then it’s WEIRD.

Taste wise I liked this well enough – it was the softest flavour of the three I tried, and had a bit of a thin mouthfeel but both strawberry and vanilla came through pretty clearly. The strawberry was pretty juicy, and a little artificial and the slight pop of tartness with the strawberry (hibiscus?) didn’t perfectly suit the silky vanilla. So, not my favourite blend overall but not bad. I can see/understand the appeal.


I’ve never heard of them haha, but maybe it’s just big in mainland Europe

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